CH S*Coppermines PartyGirl
Alice is our first Main coon and mummy’s princess and clown , she will come up with a hole lot of pranks that makes us all laugh. Alice loves to throw things on the floor, cups, plates and bottles are dropped of the kitchen table.

She is a beautiful Black tabby girl with nice lynx-tufts, fantastic silky coat and a cool expression in her face

S*Dreamway’s Harlem
"Bullen" is a big friendly giant that loves a good cuddle.
He has fantastic silky coat, big ears that is crowned by lynx-tufts.

S*Stortassens Heartbeat

HeartBeat 15 month a big and beautiful
girl with lot's of funny ideas.

presentation Pedigree

Simba is the king in our castle and he sees everything with his blue eyes.
If anyone dares to challenge him they will soon be aware of his sharp claws.